Preached Novena for St. Thérèse

Novena for St. Thérèse Preached by Dominican Friars

Wed., Sept 22 through Fri., Oct 1 (Novena + Day of Thanksgiving)
9:25 pm – Login to Zoom (register here to get link)
9:30 pm – Preaching on St. Thérèse
9:40 pm – Thérèse’s Act of Oblation to Merciful Love & Novena Prayer
9:50 pm – Go in peace.
***All times are for Eastern Time Zone

Day 1 – Thérèse trusts that the Father delights is her.

Day 2 – Thérèse trusts that the Father forgives her with delight.

Day 3 – Thérèse trusts that the Father inspires her holy desires and He fulfills them.

UPCOMING NIGHTS: Check in for videos, usually posted the day after it happens.

Day 4 – Thérèse trusts the Father with a child’s tenderness and a warrior’s fierceness.

Day 5 – Thérèse became God’s little child, and in turn, a great mother of souls.

Day 6 – Thérèse’s great love of others is undaunted by their sins.

Day 7-9 – TBD

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