Russian Easter & Pentecost

Russian Easter & Pentecost

Please consider joining our Russian Catholic brothers and sisters in their celebrations of Easter and Pentecost. All celebrations will be held at St. Catherine’s. All are most welcome.

Easter Sunday: 12 NOON Matins and Divine Liturgy
Each of the Seven Sundays after Pascha: 12 NOON Divine Liturgy (Mass)
Pentecost: Kneeling Vespers immediately after the Divine Liturgy (Mass)

From the letter of Fr. Peter Martyr (published as part of the March 24, 2024 Parish Bulletin):

Upon the request of the Archbishop of New York, the late Patrick Cardinal Hayes, the Vatican’s Sacred Oriental Congregation in 1936 sent Fr. Andrew Rogosh to New York to establish a mission parish for Russian Catholics. This community was dedicated to the Archangel Michael and continues in its service today as a guest community at St Catherine’s. They regularly celebrate their weekly liturgies as follows:

Sundays: 12 NOON Divine Liturgy
Saturdays: 6 PM Great Vespers

St. Michael’s is a parish of the sui juris Russian Byzantine Catholic Church with valid sacraments. All Catholics (in a state of grace as usual) may validly and licitly receive the Holy Eucharist at the Divine Liturgy in fulfillment of their Sunday obligation.

Likewise, the Mystery of Penance (sacrament of penance in the Roman language) is available to those in need prior to 11:30 AM on Sunday mornings or by prior arrangement with Fr. Volodymyr.

You may address questions to Fr. Volodymyr Sybirnyy, Deacon Thomas Stadnik, or Reader Samuel Howard. They welcome all visitors.