Mondays 2023-2024 – Mystagogy: Church History, Characters, and Doctrines

Mondays 2023-2024 – Mystagogy: Church History, Characters, and Doctrines

With Fr. Francis Belanger, O.P. 

Mondays at 7 PM in the lower church, starting September 18th. 

All parishioners are welcome. The word “mystagogy” refers to the last stage of faith formation for converts. But, in another way, it is the life-long process by which fully initiated Catholics delve more deeply into their faith. This year we’ll be reflecting on the history of the Church — an avenue that allows us to learn about devotions, teachings, saints and sinners.

The class will meet throughout the year except when the Tuesday Parish Study series is meeting in the Fall and Spring. 

Mystagogy Schedule 2023-2024

(Mondays at 7 PM in the Lower Church)

In case you missed the lecture, the audio and the handout are available for each week of the series.

September 18     The Sacred Heart: Scripture, Mystics and the Modern World
Handout for September 18

September 25     St. Francis, the Crèche and Stations of the Cross

Handout for September 25

October 2      Guest Speaker: Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P., Dominican Promoter General of the Holy Rosary: “Praying the Rosary with Sacred Art”

***** Break for Parish Study (Tuesdays at 6:45 pm) *****

November 6     The Council of Jerusalem: “The Holy Spirit and Us”

Handout for November 6

November 13     The First Council of Nicea, Part I: Martyrs, Doctors and an Emperor

Handout for November 13

November 20     Nicea, Part II, and Constantinople: Monks and Patriarchs

Handout for November 20

November 27     Ephesus and Chalcedon: Mary the Mother of God and Jesus her Son

Handout for November 27

December 4      NO CLASS

December 11     St. Augustine and the Church Fathers of East and West

Handout for December 11

December 18     Constantinople II and III: Christological Controversies Continue

Handout for December 18

*****Christmas Break*****

January 8 Nicea II and Constantinople IV: The Last of the Ancient Eight

Handout for January 8

January 15      Lateran I & II: Lay Investiture, Priestly Celibacy and the Crusades

Handout for January 15

January 22      The Middle Ages, Oh My! Thomas Aquinas, Universities and Gothic Architecture

Handout for January 22

January 29       Lateran III & IV: Heresies and Friars

February 5      Obscure Medieval Councils Part I: Lyons I and II and Vienne (Whatever Happened to the Knights Templar?)

February 12     Obscure Medieval Councils Part II: Constance, Florence and Lateran V (How Many Popes are We Supposed to Have?)

***** To Be Continued—Break for Parish Study and Easter*****

April 8 The Age of Missions: Christianity Spreads to Asia and the Americas

April 15 The Council of Trent, Part One: The Reformation and the Catholic Response

April 22 The Council of Trent, Part Two: The Council Decrees and Figures of the Catholic Reformation

April 29 No Class

May 6              Vatican I : A Council Interrupted

May 13            Vatican II: The Build Up and the Council Itself

May 20           Vatican II: Personages, Aftermath and the Synod of Bishops