Parish Study Fall 2020

Gospel of Matthew

Parish Study for Fall of 2020 will focus on the Ministry of Jesus in the Gospel of St. Matthew. Sessions will be posted on the web-site every Tuesday for eight weeks starting October 6 and ending November 24. The lessons will remain posted throughout the eight weeks. It’s never too late to join!

We are using the book listed below. You can use the link to place an order or stop by the office to purchase the book. We do have some available for purchase on a first come first serve basis.

New Collegeville Bible Commentary: The Gospel According to Matthew

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Study Sessions

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Week 8 – Jesus and the Law
Chapter 15

If you have any questions or observations after the session, please submit your question here. Fr. Walter will try to answer all of your questions or observations during the next session.

Week 7 – Covenant Fidelity of Jesus
Chapter 14

Week 6 – The Power of Parables
Chapter 13

Week 5 – The Fruitful Beauty of Jesus in Us
Chapter 11 & 12

Week 4 – Sent on a Mission
Chapter 10

Week 3 – Cures and Calls
Chapters 8 & 9

Week 2 – The Sermon on the Mount
Chapters 5 through 7

Week 1 – The Beginnings of the Ministry of Jesus
Chapters 3 & 4