September 8 through 15 – Octave of Prayer

September 8 through 15 – Octave of Prayer

From the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Thursday, September 8 through the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows on Thursday, September 15, the Parish will offer an Octave of Prayer. 

In these days we recognize Jesus’ Passion and the Blessed Mother’s compassion, and thus we pray for those undergoing their own passions of illness, injury, and age, and for their caregivers. 

Holy cards and petition slips will be found at the Rosary Altar at St. Vincent Ferrer and at the Altar of the Holy Cross at St. Catherine near the Book of the Sick.


Virgin of all virgins, look upon my need.  Let me share in your compassion for all who suffer, and let me offer my sufferings on their behalf.  Thus we may bear the image of your Son’s crucified love.


On Calvary the sufferings of holy Mary reached their height.  Mary’s presence at the foot of the Cross constituted a most special participation in the Redemptive Death of her Son.

St. Pope  John Paul II

Image: “Christ on the Cross with the Virgin, Mary Magdalene, St. John and St. Francis of Paola,” Nicholas Tournier, 1628, Louvre, Paris