Easter at Our Churches

Easter at Our Churches

Masses of Easter Week

The Octave of Easter, also know as Easter Week, is the eight day period of celebration that runs from Easter Sunday through Low Sunday and marks the beginning of Eastertide. There will be a sung Mass at 6 PM at St. Vincent Ferrer Monday-Friday (April 5-9) and at 9 AM at St. Catherine of Siena on Saturday (April 10).

In the Christian tradition, the number eight is a symbol of fulfillment and transition, breaking through the seven-day rhythm of life to a new way of being. (That is why, for example, baptismal fonts have eight sides.) The greatest feasts of the liturgical calendar, Christmas and Easter, are given an “Octave.” In this way, the Church prolongs the joyful festivities of the solemnity itself.

Because Easter Sunday is the highest ranking of all days of the liturgical year, Easter not only gets an Octave, but an entire season, know as Eastertide which encompasses the Ascension and lasts 50 days until Pentecost. The Pascal Candle, blessed on the Easter Vigil, is kept burning in the sanctuary throughout Eastertide.

Easter at St. Vincent Ferrer

Easter at St. Catherine of Siena