Stations of the Cross Prayed Every Friday During Lent

Stations of the Cross Prayed Every Friday During Lent

The Stations of the Cross is prayed every Friday during Lent. Beginning February 19, we make spiritually this procession of the Passion. This year the priest will walk alone to maintain socially distancing. Please join us after the 6 PM Mass at St. Vincent Ferrer and after the 5:15 PM Mass at St. Catherine of Siena.

History of the Stations of the Cross in St. Vincent Ferrer

The Stations of the Cross in St. Vincent Ferrer are not, as in most churches, embossed plaques, they are large paintings. Mrs. Ethel Parsons Paullin in collaboration with her husband, Telford Paullin completed the stations around 1918. In a letter to Fr. Marrin, pastor of St. Vincent Ferrer, dated Nov. 15, 1948, Mrs. Paullin described the reason for the variety in style of the Stations:  

Father Heffernan, Pastor at the time of the building of the church, and Bertram Goodhue, the architect, decided that as the Stations of the Cross were not officially a part of the devotions of the Church until some centuries after the architectural style of St. Vincent’s, it would be fitting to have the paintings look as if they had been painted in various centuries and countries and then collected to be used as a set of Stations. Consequently the paintings were designed to have a two-fold function: first to illustrate the Way of the Cross and second to show the many types of painting used to illustrate religious subjects before the 17th century. That explains the different types of countenance given to Our Lord, the variation in the red used for the robes of the central figure, and the general difference between the pictures. This lack of sameness in the physical aspect of the Stations made it even more important that the thought illustrated in each Station should be clearly bought out so that the continuity of the Way of the Cross would be very evident.” 

This two-fold purpose for the Stations was very unusual and educational. At the time, they were the only design of its kind. There are 14 representations of the Passion. They are placed at intervals around the walls of the church.

Stations of the Cross Paintings in St. Vincent Ferrer Church