Fr. Joseph Hagan and the Hillbilly Thomists

Fr. Joseph Hagan and the Hillbilly Thomists

From Fr. Joseph Hagan & the Hillbilly Thomists

It’s my joy to announce a special early release of The Hillbilly Thomists’ second album: Living for the Other Side.

Admittedly this is a strange offer. You may not regularly listen to bluegrass and American folk music, especially as recorded by a group of Catholic priests. Plus, you may not even have a way to play CDs in this digital age

But for those who have heard our debut back in 2017, I hope that album is reason enough to try out the second. With your help, we reached #3 on the Billboard Bluegrass charts.

For those new to the Hillbilly Thomists, try it out. Our music speaks to those who feel like they’re just surviving but desire to start living. This album takes up that desire and points it heavenward, to Jesus Christ. For in seeking Him, we move past surviving the day-to-day, and we start living for the other side.

The CDs are available for purchase at St. Vincent’s and St. Catherine’s for $10. Again, this is an early release. Supplies will be limited. All proceeds will help the friars in formation (a benefactor already covered our overhead). Our general release will be on January 28, including digital downloads, merchandise, and music videos. You can check out the band’s website: